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When the club was formerly opened on 30th March 1889 there were 82 members of whom some 50 were playing members. Ladies were as eager as gentlemen to play golf and by 1897 there were 85 lady members, more than 25% of the membership.

By 1904 the influx of summer visitors to Lossiemouth had increased the membership to over 500 of whom 135 were ladies.

Such was the demand for golf during the summer months that the course was greatly congested and plans were drawn up for another course. In 1905 a new 9 hole ladies / relief course was built within the existing course.
Following a visit by the late Sir Henry Cotton, the new course was extended to 18 holes in 1979.
Membership now stands at over 1400 and the club welcomes enquiries from all prospective members. Please download and complete the application form below:

With such a thriving membership, club competitions are keenly contested and the Moray 5 Day Open is probably the largest amateur tournament of its kind in Scotland attracting visitors from all over the world. Over 330 golfers compete every July for the title of Northern Amateur Champion.

Moray Golf Club

Membership Prices 2021 - NO JOINING FEE

Full MembershipOnly £580
Senior Membership (65 plus)Only £406
Five Day MembershipOnly £420
Senior Five Day Membership (65 plus)Only £290
Country Membership (35 miles from Lossiemouth)Only £320
Overseas MembershipOnly £290
Youth 18 MembershipOnly £100
Youth 19 MembershipOnly £140
Youth 20 MembershipOnly £180
Youth 21 MembershipOnly £220
Youth 22 MembershipOnly £260
Youth 23 MembershipOnly £300
Youth 24 MembershipOnly £340
Youth 25 MembershipOnly £380
Youth 26 MembershipOnly £420
Youth 27 MembershipOnly £460
Youth 28 MembershipOnly £500
Youth 29 MembershipOnly £540
Student MembershipOnly £290
Junior Under 12 MembershipOnly £10
Junior 12 Year Old MembershipOnly £20
Junior 13 Year Old MembershipOnly £30
Junior 14 Year Old MembershipOnly £40
Junior 15 Year Old MembershipOnly £50
Junior 16 Year Old MembershipOnly £60
Junior 17 Year Old MembershipOnly £70
House MembershipOnly £25
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